Windows Phone OS 7.5: Tips To Find Your Lost Phone

microsofts windows phone 7 mango Windows Phone OS 7.5: Tips To Find Your Lost Phone I really remember that time when there is really a big problem with your phones that they got lost or stuck between the sofa and my other miss happenings can happen and there is very few chances that you could find it again but that time have gone now if you are using a windows Phone 7.5 there will be very few chances that you will not find you lost phone again. This facility is only available i the Windows OS 7 and Windows OS 7.5. If your phone is got lost then you can use windows phone facility “Find My Phone” And the best thing about this service is it is free of cost you don’t need to pay any-thing on monthly or yearly.
You will have For Options in FIND MY PHONE :
  1.  You can Map your Phone.
  2. You can Give a Ring On your Phone
  3. You can lock your Phone
  4. you can erase your phone 
How you can map your phone:
            With this facility you can see your phone on a map and you can immediately go and pick your phone from there. This would work in the case if you lost it outside but you don’t know were.use following Steps:

a) just Log In   with the id Which provided to you
b) Click My Phone, and then click Find My Phone. Follow the instructions in the dialog box (you’ll only need to do this once—after that, your phone will automatically show up on the map when you go to Find My Phone).

 How to Give a Ring On your Phone
but what if your phone is in your home you can use this facility and then give a ring to your phone and The best thing of this feature is that your phone will even if ti is in silent mode or in Vibrate mode
a)  Log In to your windows Live ID on  
b) Click on My Phone and then click on Find My phone And then Ring and Follow the instructions and your phone will ring.

How you can lock your screen
if you have find that your phone will in the coffee shop at a distance of 5 K.m. From your home what is the guarentee that no one will pick your phone. there is a lot of personnel and important data on your phone so with the windows live id you can also Lock the screen of your phone. and give a alert message on the screen.

a) Log In to Your windows Id on 
b)Click on My Phone and then click on Find my phone and then Lock and after following the instructions you can lock your phone screen.
         TIP if you haven’t set any password you have to set a password
        and then you can lock it.and you can use any other contact number 
        and email id so that founder can contact  you  in the alert message
How to erase your Phone
  if you have a fear that if some one pick up the phone and you don’t trust your phones Lock system then you can erase your phone by following simple steps

a) Log In to Your windows Id on 
b) click on My Phone and Then Click on Fine My Phone and Click Erase. On the confirmation screen, do one of the following
  •       To start erasing your phone, select Yes! Erase my phone immediately, and then click Erase 
  • If you’ve changed your mind, click Cancel.
            This would be the last chance that you could save your phone


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    What if the phone stolen and it is totally reset,the windows ID will also be gone. No phone OS supports the users who buy their expensive phones.The lost or stolen phone security can be must be implemented in the basic OS if these OS developer want to help the users.

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