Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not s Smartphone, it’s a life companion. It’s all about turning the style of our life. In Samsung Galaxy S4 there are many funny applications which you must want to know.

Funny Game Applications:

Games are in demand this year and will always remain in demand. While picking up a phone a person always look oh graphics, chipset and other features related to games. Samsung Galaxy S4 is best for playing different games. Many funny games that you can enjoy on Samsung Galaxy S4 are:-
1. Football Manager Handheld 2013:-
Football+Manager+Handheld+2013 Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
In this game you are set on a hot set and then you are allowed to show your managerial skills in the game. You seat can be chosen from any of the 14 countries. After that you can assume full transfer control, managing and tactics, training our team lively. In the days of match you have to live for silverware and glory. There are many challenge modes which can offer series of short term scenarios which a clear goal which has to be achieved. Whatever mode you are choosing, you have to face a real life situation which includes real players which is a result of research by Sport’s Interactive huge global scouting network. You can also expand your stadium or can invite a wealth “SUGAR DADDY” chairman for few bucks. By visiting challenge modes you can also purchase new challenges. 14 countries in this funny game are Wales, Spain, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Italy, Holland, Germany, France, England, Brazil, Belgium and Australia. This game can also be played in different languages including Spanish, Italian, French and English. Its features include:-
  • News/ media/ match improvements
  • Player comparison and form updates
  • New playable leagues- Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Players photos now include licensed leagues
  • Full- up-to-date league/ player/ competition data to football season 2012/13
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2. Temple Run 2:- 

temple run2 Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
It is a redefined mobile gaming application. This game is full of lots of running, jumping, sliding, and turning. As a sum total, you are completely going to enjoy this funny game application. In this game you have to try to escape from a cursed idol and while doing this you have to zip lines, forests, mines and navigate perilous cliffs. Some features of this game include:-
  • Innovative new graphics
  • New funny obstacles
  • Beautiful new organic environment
  • More achievements
  • More powerups
  • Big monkey
  • Special power for various characters

3. Real Boxing: -

real+boxing Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4

Real Boxing has the same wow fact which we had enjoyed in Tera optimized game. It has got 5 stars in Apps Magazine. This game is completely unreal. It brings you most exhilarating, barred fighting action which you have ever seen on Android. It has incredible graphics which you have ever optimized in any Smartphone or tablet. It is powered with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and it takes you very close to the action. You will feel every uppercut, jab and motion in this game. It is one of the most funny game you had every played on Android. This game is featured with an outstanding reality. It has got Amazing 3D sound and graphics. Roar of crowd can also be heard very clearly during the game. Flash of camera and bulbs can also be experienced burning the game. It is also enrich in many features like clothing, tattoos, color, skin and hairstyle. 
4. Real racing 3:- 
real+racing+3 Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
This funny game has set a new standard for mobile racing games. For enjoying real racing you must have at least 1.2 GB of free space on your device. New features of this game are:-
  • Officially licensed track which include Hockenheimring, Silverstone, Circuit de Spa- Francorchamps and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
  • More than 45 meticulous detailed cars which includes models of Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti, Audi and Prosche. 
  • Expanded 22 car grids
  • You can play games against the players around the world. If you are thinking that list of players will only include your faebook friends then you are wrong as there are many more
  • In this funny game you have more than 900 events which include drag races, endurance challenges, eliminations and cup races. Race can be seen through various camera angles, same which you experience in real life race. 
  • You can also upgrade your car to maximum performance.
NOTE: - If you are removing this game from your Android then your saved progress will also be removed. Also you must be above 13 years for playing this funny game. This game has predefined terms and conditions which must be followed. This game can be played free of cost for 30 days and after that you have to purchase its premium version
5. Angry Birds Star Wars: - 
angry Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
You must have played various versions of Angry Bird game but in Samsung Galaxy S4 you can enjoy the biggest adventure of Angry Bird Star Wars. Long time ago in an exceedingly Galaxy a bunch of fraught Rebel Birds sweet-faced off against a galactic menace: the Empire’s evil Pig troopers. Rebel birds, putting from a hidden base, have won their first battle against the evil Imperial Pigs. In the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s final weapon, the PIG STAR, and sport to deliver the plans to the Rebel Birds. Now they need some help, so it’s your turn to show some skills. Some features of this funny game includes:-
  • More than 100 levels
  • Use of Jedi power, Blasters and light sabers for creating havoc on Imperial Pigs. 
  • R2-D2 and C-3PO bonus levels
  • Freely available updates
  • Funny new goals
6. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour: -
Modern+Combat+4 Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
With Modern combat 4: Zero Hours, Action FPS is back on Androids. Now it includes new chapters which have the power to push limits of mobile games to a high level. In this game you have to rescue the leader of the world from frightening group of terrorists. Features of this funny game include:-
  • Diving in most memorable action shoot by dominating battle field.
  • You can feel both sides of the story by playing Villain Edward’s Page.
  • New graphics with dynamic objects and animations. 
  • Improved sound effects and voice actions
  • Over 20,000 weapon arrangements and improved load out system
  • New specialized system with redesigned skills
  • New ranking system for leading characters on the top of leader’s board.
7. Paradise Island: - 
 Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
It is a very addictive Android game which you have played on you Smartphone. In this game you have to make your own sunny island and have to start your own business. For becoming master in this game you just need some practice. You have to attract rich tourists by doing their entertainment in discos, restaurants, build hotels, entertainment centers and casinos. Make your own entertainment empire. With the help of this funny game you will learn that how you can manage a big empire or your business. Few tasks of this game includes:-
  • Learn all tricks of the game, receive rewards and after that you can win grand prize.
  • Establish your dream city and then live a happy life
  • Buildup your tourism business
  • Compete with friends
  • Use unique buildings and plants for making your island
  • You can also expand your property by purchasing new piece of islands
  • Renovate your place
  • Building several types of buildings on your island
Some useful feature of this funny game include:-
  • Free of advertisements
  • Internet connection is recommended but it is not necessary
  • More than 130 achievements and awards
  • Advanced than a regular farm game
  • SimCity and tycoon features
  • Vast choice of plants and decorations, constructions and facilities
  • Life on island goes on even when the game is not in working mode. 
  • More interesting and addictive game play
  • Detailed and beautiful graphics
8. World of Goo: - 
World+of+Goo Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
The first chapter of this game is award winning and you can enjoy it on Android. You have to drag and drop living, talking, squirming, globs of Goo to giant tongues, zeepelins, cannonballs, bridges and build structures. Each level of this game is dangerously beautiful and strange and is featured with new puzzles, places and creatures that live in that game. Some of the recognition and awards achieved by World of Goo are:-
  • Puzzler of the year- Golden Joystick Awards
  • Most Innovative design Wii-IGN
  • Best New IP Wii-IGN
  • Best Artistic Design Wii- IGN
  • Best Wii Puzzle Game-IGN
  • Best PC Puzzle Game- IGN
  • Game of the Year- Game Tunnel
  • Game of the Year- Rock Paper Shotgun
  • Best Indie Game- Spike TV Video Game Awards
  • Technical Excellence- Independent Games Festival
  • Best Design- Independent Games Festival
  • Best downloadable Title- game Developers Choice Awards
  • Best Design- Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
  • Best Indie Game- Spike TV Video Game Award
  • iPad Game of the Year- MetaCritic, Touch Arcade
  • Wii Game of the Year- IGN
9. Draw something: - 
draw+something Funny Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4
It is one the funniest add free version of Draw Something. It is also one of the most popular guessing and drawing game on Android. Some special bonuses like 5 free bombs, 200 free coins and 2500 words to draw can also be enjoyed on this game. Before buying premium version of this game you can try free version. Some addictive features of this game include:-
  • Bombs:- If you are stumped with any difficulty then you can exchange it by a bomb explosion
  • Color packs:- Turn simple doodles into enriched master pieces with pack of colors
  • Leader board:- It shows back and forth with your friends
  • Turn- based Game play: - It is perfect for the gamers which are on the go. You can take turns by making different guesses and drawings at your place.

Other funny apps:

  • Live wallpapers:-It includes floating balloons with light clouds and particles. You can tilt your screen for getting the moving effect of clouds. This moving effect is because of the accelerometer. It is also available in mystic night background. You can use it by following Home> Menu> Wallpapers> Live Wallpapers. Some ads in settings are also implemented for developing more free wallpapers. 
  • My Story: - It is s letter application which will amuse and stimulate you. You can reach to your friends and family with a specific letter which is capable in delivering your voice, images. Other than Samsung Galaxy S4 this application also supports Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 etc. Sometimes additional charges are also applicable and it depends on your mobile plan. Some features of this funny application includes:-
  1. Letters:-  They can be added, deleted, Reply To, Forward, Share Via, View by, restore and backup, search and sort by
  2. Templates:- Update templates, download new template, browse templates
  3. Creating and sending letters: - Letter can be created and sent in your own handwriting. You can also add multimedia or anything to it. 
  4. Settings can also be altered.
  5. Friends can be searched, blocked, invited and added.
  • Bubbles Top LWP: – It is a very classy method for arranging your images. With the help of this application your friend can download any of your sent images without paying a single buck. One can install this application free of cost from Google play store. 
  • Love Water Drop LWP: - This beautiful river of love wallpaper will create a lovely background of your Android. You can select various characters, pose and other features for this wallpaper. You can also turn ON water drop effects in this wallpaper. Innovative features of this wallpaper are:-
  1. It is designed to look beautiful on low and high resolution devices
  2. You can load your own background via SD card
  3. Customizable greeting message.
  4. Smooth animation
  5. Cool graphics.
  • Easter Eggs Bunny: - This application can’t be used all the time but it is perfect for occasion like Easter. With the help of this wallpaper you can decorate your Smartphone’s screen by Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny, and photo of your loved one and customized text boards. You can also use any background from your SD card. Some features of this game include:-
  1. Smooth animation
  2. Cool graphics
  3. Load your own background from SD card
  4. Upgrade to premium background
  5. Looks good on low and high resolution screen
  6. Customizable greeting text message
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