Band Of Horses : Things Are Great

    The American rock band ‘Band of Horses‘, has officially updated their fans about their new album named Things are great. Ben Bridwell revealed the name of their upcoming album on his Instagram story. Keep reading below to find out more about the release date of their new and upcoming album.

    When Will The New Album Be Out For All The Fans?

    The band has officially announced that Things are Great will release on 4 March 2022. So as of March 2022, the band is all set to release their new album; the album will be out on all the audio streaming platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and Apple iTunes. The lead guitarist Ben Bridwell says that Things are great will be a work of art. According to him, the band is currently promoting their new album. They will visit various cities till the end of March, and Band of Horses will be giving their fans a live experience through concerts and shows.

    So the people are now very excited to hear Ben and his uniquely pitched voice, and the fans already have been liking his way of writing and lyrics of all of his songs. Thus with very few days left to launch the new album Things are Great, you can go check out the Crutch if you haven’t listened to it yet.

    Band Of Horses : Things Are Great Album Cover:

    Band Of Horses : Things Are Great

    Band Of Horses : Things Are Great Track Lists:

    01 Warning Signs
    02 Crutch
    03 Tragedy of the Commons
    04 In the Hard Times
    05 In Need of Repair
    06 Aftermath
    07 Lights
    08 Ice Night We’re Having
    09 You Are Nice to Me
    10 Coalinga

    Things Are Great

    In October 2021, the band released their single named Crutch, which got very popular among the fans, and the fans found the song satisfying and easy flowing. After the song, Ben Bridwell announced the band’s return with their new album, Things are great. And the single Crutch was the single of the new album. This is the band’s sixth album with Matt Gentling and Ian MacDougall.

    The band said that they tried to bring back their earlier work and the rock that is the band’s heart. And the fans could sense that too in their single song, Crutch. The fans enjoyed every bit of lyrics, the guitar, the music, overall everything. The fans are now a little excited with the release of this new album as Crutch is already a very catchy song, and now they are wondering what more they can get from it.

    Band Of Horses: Things Are Great

    The American band, ‘Band of Horses,’ is one of those bands that have been in the making. Since 2006, their album, ‘Everything all the time’ was released since Band of Horses has been playing in front of fans and giving them a memorable experience. Band of Horses have made way to success in the United States as they are one of those bands who have not fallen short. The band has released its first album with five songs, and it became a hit among fans. They have also released an EP with six tracks which were also liked by fans, and the single Mrs. Marie came up to be a hit among fans.

    Band of Horses has, to date, sold more than 8,000,000 copies of their songs, and the songs that have made Band of Horses a famous band is Laredo, The general specific, and many more.

    Band Of Horses: Things Are Great Video’s

    Band of Horses – “Lights” (Official Lyric Video):

    Band of Horses – “In Need of Repair” (Official Video):

    Band of Horses – “Crutch” (Official Video):

    Album Download & Stream:

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