Stromae : Multitude

    The most anticipated album from the singer Stromae is finally ready to release. The fans of the stromae were waiting for the Stromae Belgian singer to update them on his new album. Now that they got the news that the new album will be released soon, they are happy and excited to hear the album’s songs.We’re here to track the Stromae : Multitude leak and see what happens.

    Stromae Is Back After Almost A Decade

    The last album released by the Stromae was the Racine Carree back in 2013. His last album was considered a hit globally as it sold over a million copies and performed very well in some parts of the world. Stromae started his career in 2007 with the release of his first album. But he began to recognize by the people, and he got popular in 2008.

    He then started collaborating with other artists such as Kanye West. His songs after then went to gain popularity in the whole world. He was also MTV’s top act in Europe, and his songs have been on top of many countries’ charts.

    Stromae : Multitude Album Cover:

    Stromae : Multitude Leak

    Stromae : Multitude Track Lists:

    1. Invaincu
    2. Santé
    3. La solassitude
    4. Fils de joie
    5. L’enfer
    6. C’est que du bonheur
    7. Pas vraiment
    8. Riez
    9. Mon amour
    10. Déclaration
    11. Mauvaise journée
    12. Bonne journée


    The stromae named his upcoming album Multitude. Before the announcement of his new album, Stromae was out of the music industry for quite some time. He said he took some time off from the music as he dealt with depression and personal stuff.

    But the fans of stromae were hoping to hear from him soon as he liked all his songs. So finally, on 8 December 2021, he told the reporters that he was currently working on the album and would release it in 2022.

    He released the song Sante by with which he made a comeback almost after three of no music. The song became very popular among the fans, and the people listening to that song can relate to them as it was about the people working in the industry. The Belgian singer and rapper already told that the song Sante was a tribute to the industrial workers and the people with regular jobs.

    Stromae As Van Haver

    Stromae also decided that from now on, he will be known as Van Haver as his real name is Paul Van Haver. The fans are in wonder and confused by his decision. But for now, it is hard to tell what made him take this decision to change his stage name. He was known as Stromae from early as 2000, and he picked that name by scrambling the world, Maestro.

    But now he is all set to make a comeback with the new album and new stage name. The fans are excited and want to see him perform on stage soon. The album Multitude will be launched on 4 March 2022 in collaboration with Darkroom an Interscope. The album will have 11 tracks so far stated by the recently released official tracklist.

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