Westside Gunn – Peace “Fly” God

    Westside Gunn’s Peace “Fly” God drops July 8.

    The Griselda rapper Westside Gunn announced the details of his upcoming mixtape Peace “Fly” God which is going to released this week July 8, 2022. After the Paris Fashion Week, Westside Gunn confirmed that the mixtape is complete and will drop this Friday.

    Westside wrote on Instagram “Idgaf about the mix or the master I wanna keep that shit grimey af, so I’m dropping this Fri fck it. this not the Album this a ART piece before MICHELLE RECORDS … and ain’t shit fckin wit it… made in 48hrs.”

    Past month, Westside Gunn shared the snippets with fans on social media and revealing that he worked with the likes of Madlib, Stove God Cook$ and Camoflauge Monk for the project.

    The album consists of 10 tracks and we are here to track the Westside Gunn, Peace “Fly” God leak and see what happens.

    Westside Gunn – Peace “Fly” God Album Cover:

    Westside Gunn - Peace "Fly" God Leak

    Westside Gunn – Peace “Fly” God Tracks List:

    1. “Please Flygod”
    2. “Jesus Crack”
    3. “Ritz Barlton”
    4. “Big Ass Bracelet”
    5. “Bobby Rhude”
    6. “Derrick Boleman”
    7. “Horses On Sunset”
    8. “Open Praise”
    9. “Danhausen”
    10. “Flip V Phil”

    Leak Album Download & Stream:

    Westside Gunn – Peace “Fly” God Leak: It Has Not Leaked Yet
    Westside Gunn – Peace “Fly” God Album Stream: There is no official Stream Reported
    Album Pre-Order: Pre-Order is not available yet

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