Bad Omens : The Death Of Peace Of Mind

    Listen To ‘The Death Of Peace Of Mind’ New Album By Bad Omens

    The Bad Omens fans are again pumped to listen to their new and upcoming album, The Death of peace of the Mind. For those of you who do not know, Bad Omens is the popular Metal-core American Band formed around 2015. They became famous with singles Never Known and the limits. They are back again with their new album, The Death of Peace of Mind.

    What Noah Sebastian has to say on the new album?

    Bad omens have officially announced their new album, The Death of Peace of Mind. It is produced under the Sumerian Label. The official date to release this album is 25 February 2022. Noah Sebastian, the band’s vocalist, said that this album gave the space to change them as musicians and songwriters. This album is very deep and emotional, and they, too, felt it while writing the songs. They have written all the songs with free mind, and now they are excited to see the fan’s reactions.

    Fans would be happy as the title track is out, and watch it now. The fans find the title track impressive and melodious. The title track talks about the sad and sentiments, representing the bad perfectly. The song is a good blend of pop melody to the caustic metal core genre. Noah also told that the whole album talks about the loss of peace of Mind.We’re here to track the Bad Omens : The Death Of Peace Of Mind leak and see what happens.

    Bad Omens : The Death Of Peace Of Mind Album Cover:

    Bad Omens The Death Of Peace Of Mind Leak

    Bad Omens : The Death Of Peace Of Mind Track List:

    2. Nowhere To Go
    3. Take Me First
    5. What It Cost
    6. Like A Villain
    7. bad decisions
    8. Just Pretend
    9. The Grey
    10. Who are you?
    11. Somebody else.
    12. IDWT$
    13. What do you want from me?
    15. Miracle

    Bad omens dropped new Single ‘Like a Villain’

    Like A Villian is a new Single from Bad Omens’ upcoming album. The new Album of Bad Omens will have fifteen tracks from Death of peace of Mind to Miracle. The band has released the four singles from their album, Artificial Suicide and Like a Villain, etc. The first one to come out was the title track, the Death of peace of Mind.

    At first, only the lyrics of the songs were released, and then after some days, the full music video was out. But now, they also have released the fourth single from the album. While the previous song, Artificial Suicide, was aggressive and high-pitched, but Like A Villain is more about emotion and moody vocals.

    What inspired the band for the album?

    With the Covid – 19 outbreak and the lockdown, the band utilizes their stay at home for writing songs. They stayed positive, and this inspired them to create their new album. They stayed all together in LA and started to work on their new album. Songwriter Zakk Cervini did the album’s mixing, and he also has a Grammy nomination to his name. The working on the Death of the peace of Mind gave them meaning and helped them grow as songwriters and singers.

    When would they start touring?

    Just after the release of their album, they would also start touring, starting with America. They have announced the dates and when and where they would be performing. So all the fans go and check out now to book the tickets for their show.

    Bad Omens : The Death Of Peace Of Mind Video’s:

    BAD OMENS – THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND (Official Music Video):

    BAD OMENS – ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE (Official Audio Stream):

    BAD OMENS – What do you want from me? (Official Audio Stream):

    BAD OMENS – ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE (Official Music Video):

    BAD OMENS – Like A Villain (Official Audio Stream):

    BAD OMENS – Like A Villain (Official Music Video):

    BAD OMENS – The Grey (Official Audio Stream):

    Album Download & Stream:

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    Bad Omens : The Death Of Peace Of Mind Album Stream: Their is no official Stream Reported
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