Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark

    Marillion has announced their new Album called An Hour Before It’s Dark. It is the 20th Album from the British rock band giant Marillion. The band announced it on their social media account, and now fans are hyped up to see them again performing after a long time.

    Album’s First Single Song, Be Hard On Yourself Is Out

    The band has released the first song of their new album, An Hour Before It’s Dark. All the songs on the album will give a positive message after the world is suffering from the epidemic. The lead vocalist of the Band, Steve, said that despite the dark hours in the Covid, the overall feeling the new Album will give would be upbeat, and the band is looking forward to the release of this new album. With the first song released, six more singles will come out with the release.

    Release Date Of An Hour Before Its Dark

    The new Album An Hour Before Its Dark will be released in March this year. The new album will be earmusic, recorded in Real World Studios. It will be the full-length studio album in four years and their 20th studio album. The band is hoping to tour again soon after the release of the new album. An Hour Before Its Dark is not a concept album, but it has a red thread running through it that takes us on an hour-long journey, like a film with chapters to it.

    That’s something fans like about Marillion because they are so visual, musically, with an emphasis on storytelling rather than just trying to write ear-catching songs.We’re here to track the Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark leak and see what happens.

    Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark Album Cover:

    Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark Leak

    Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark Track Lists:

    1. Be Hard On Yourself i. The Tear In The Big Picture ii. Lust For Luxury iii. You Can Learn
    2. Reprogram The Gene i. Invincible ii. Trouble-Free Life iii. A Cure For Us?
    3. Only A Kiss (Instrumental)
    4. Murder Machines
    5. The Crow And The Nightingale
    6. Sierra Leone i. Chance In A Million ii. The White Sand iii. The Diamond iv. The Blue Warm Air v. More Than A Treasure
    7. Care i. Maintenance Drugs ii. An Hour Before It’s Dark iii. Every Call iv. Angels On Earth

    The Band

    The Marillion is a British progressive rock band with an eclectic style and widely varied influences. They managed to sell over 20 million albums worldwide in their 30+ year career, and they’ve won several awards, including the Ivor Novello Award for Songwriter of the Year. In addition, the band has enjoyed film and television successes, including featuring on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.

     Marillion was founded in 1979 and has recorded 19 studio albums over their career. The band is notable for containing progressive rock music combined with lyric-driven and complex songs. Many critics see them as one of the most successful bands in Europe. The band is influenced by the progressive rock movement of the late 70s. Marillion has a history of developing deep connections with its fans. Thus group has derived a lot of financial support due to fan-funded projects.

     They have also been known for their concept albums and their lyrics which are often themed around social issues such as nuclear warfare, immigration, political corruption, and religious conflict. The band rose to international fame in the 1980s with their fourth studio album, Misplaced Childhood .Marillion has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. And now, speaking of this new Album, you can expect nothing but a very innovative and exciting one full of groovy rock music and will be a great addition for all Marillion fans.

    Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark Video’s

    BAD OMENS – THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND (Official Music Video):

    Marillion – Murder Machines – Official Music Video – An Hour Before It’s Dark:

    Album Download & Stream:

    Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark Leak: It Has Not Leaked Yet
    Marillion : An Hour Before It’s Dark Album Stream: Their is no official Stream Reported
    Album Pre-Order:

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