Sabaton : The War to End All Wars

    Sabaton Is All Set To Announce Their New Album, The War To End All Wars

    The Swedish band well influenced by the Wars is back again with their new and upcoming album. The new Album The War to End All Wars is based on the wars as usual as their previous albums.

    About The Band

    Sabaton is a Swedish band from Falun, focusing more on metal songs and genres. So you would find that most of the albums or songs they have released to date are about war. Lead vocalist Joakim Broaden formed the band in 1999. They total have released nine studio albums so far till the formation. They slowly and gradually started to gain fan base and popularity through their heavy metal music and verses. The result was that their songs started to take place in the top songs of Sweden and the world.

    The War To End All Wars

    The Sabaton recently confirmed that they would be releasing the tenth album of their career, The War To End All Wars. In an interview, the band stated that they began writing the songs for this album back when the world was suffering from the Corona epidemic. The people listening to this album may find the songs somewhat similar to their previous album, The Great War.

     This is because this new album is the next sequel part of The Great War. The album will be full of nice songs and smooth flowing music of the band they are known for. This new album will be released under the Nuclear label, and it is expected the album will have 11 tracks in it and a total of 45 minutes of metal and compelling music. This new album will also leave its identity to the music industry as it will talk about the peace and miracles that took place in World War 1.

    The band also have released the first three singles of this new and upcoming album. The first single is named Christmas Truce, and people found this song hear touching as it talks about the starting of World War 1. The other two songs released by the band are a soldier of Heaven and The Unkillable Soldier.

    Sabaton : The War to End All Wars Album Cover:

    Sabaton : The War to End All Wars Leak

    Sabaton : The War to End All Wars Track Lists:

    1. Sarajevo
    2. Stormtroopers
    3. Dreadnought
    4. The Unkillable Soldier
    5. Soldier of Heaven
    6. Hellfighters
    7. Race to the Sea
    8. Lady of the Dark
    9. The Valley of Death
    10. Christmas Truce
    11. Versailles

    The Album Is Due To Get Released In March

    The album The War To End All Wars by the Sabaton will be released on 4 March 2022. The official confirmation came from the band itself in a recent interview. The fans are now eager to and waiting to listen to the other songs of the album too.

    Despite producing songs for this new album, the band also worked on the song that was the cover of Manowar’s Kingdome Come, which was released earlier this year. The Sabaton also announced to the fans that they would tour in Europe this spring. Artists such as The Hu and Lordi would also join them on tour.We’re here to track the Sabaton : The War to End All Wars leak and see what happens.

    Sabaton : The War to End All Wars Video’s

    SABATON – Soldier Of Heaven (Official Music Video):

    SABATON – Christmas Truce (Official Music Video):

    Album Download & Stream:

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    Album Pre-Order: Pre-Order Website is not available yet

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