Tears For Fears : The Tipping Point

    Return of Tears for Fears after 18 years with their new album The Tipping point

    As surprising as it can be, the Tears for Fears have announced the date for their new and latest album, The tipping point. They are releasing the album after a very long time since they released their last album, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, in 2004. But finally, after 18 years of being out of the industry, they are now coming back with the album.

    When would the new album be released?

    The band suffered from the roller coaster ride after success quite a few times. Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal formed this band in 1981. They got worldwide famous for their debut album, The Hurting. After their sixth album, they took some time off from the songwriting but did not give up from performing. They went on to perform in small clubs and places. But now it is official and set that their new and seventh album, The Tipping Point, will release on 25 February.We’re here to track the Tears For Fears : The Tipping Point leak and see what happens.

    Roland reacted to his new album, saying that everything had to go wrong before everything went right. But now, when the singles of the new album have started coming out, people are looking forward to it. The pre-orders of the songs have started, and you can get one for yourself too.

    Tears For Fears : The Tipping Point Album Cover:

    Tears For Fears The Tipping Point Leak

    Tears For Fears : The Tipping Point Track List:

    1. No Small Thing
    2. The Tipping Point
    3. Long, Long, Long Time
    4. Break The Man
    5. My Demons
    6. Rivers Of Mercy
    7. Please Be Happy
    8. Master Plan
    9. End Of Night
    10. Stay
    11. Let It All Evolve
    12. Secret Location
    13. Shame (Cry Heaven)

    How many songs are there in The Tipping Point?

    As per the news, the band has released the songs and their names on the internet for the people. The fans are hyped up and are waiting for the full album to go live. As per the list, the album would consist of 10 songs such as No Small Thing, The Tipping Point, stay, and several others. To date, the band has dropped three singles off the album name, the title track, Break the Man, and No small things.

    What do band members have to say about their new album?

    Both Roland and Curt told in an interview about how they wrote all the songs for the album. They said they both started writing songs in early 2020, with just guitars in their hands. It was nostalgic for them to write songs after so many years. The first was thinking of writing and folk, country-inspired music such as Dylan or Johnny Cash. They said they were feeling confident while writing this album. They do not fear achieving success, or whether fans would like it or not, and hence it was a very free environment for them.

    They also added that they enjoyed every bit of the moment of writing and composing all the album’s songs.

    What about touring for their new album?

    The band also has the plan to start touring this year just after the album’s release. They are now focusing on promoting their album and have released the list of their performing places. They will start their touring within the UK at the start of summer. In one of the interviews, they also told that they are very happy to play for the fans again in live concerts.

    Here are Some Album Videos:

    Tears For Fears – The Tipping Point (Official Music Video)

    Tears For Fears – No Small Thing (Official Music Video):

    Tears For Fears – Break The Man (Official Music Video):

    Album Download & Stream:

    Tears For Fears : The Tipping Point Leak: It Has Not Leaked Yet

    Tears For Fears : The Tipping Point Album Stream: Their is no official Stream Reported

    Album Pre-Order:

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